Rooftop Grease Containment Oakville

Rooftop Grease Containment

Grease containment is a major problem for restaurants that have commercial rooftop grease vents. Grease gets cooked off the grill and it starts to accumulate in the roof vent, which can lead to clogs, fire hazards, and stench. Greasing down your restaurant’s rooftop with an oil spill containment system from Cleaning Company Oakville will not only save you money on expensive ventilation repairs but also ensure your air quality stays fresh

Restaurant owners are always looking for ways of cutting costs while still running their business efficiently – greasing down a building will help achieve both goals!

Protect your business from fire and liability

Fire is a serious threat to any business, and for restaurants, it can be an even greater danger. Grease fires are particularly dangerous because they often spread quickly due to the combustible nature of grease. Fires caused by cooking equipment like ovens or fryers can also spread rapidly through ventilation systems in your kitchen

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Oakville provides expert roof cleaning services that will help keep your restaurant safe from fire hazards like grease buildup and smoke contamination. As a local company with years of Rooftop Grease service experience, we’ve worked with all types and sizes of businesses in Oakville. For more info on how we can help your restaurant get a quote call us at (289) 815-2750.

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Every restaurant has a ventilation system that filters air and removes cooking vapors, grease particles, smoke and odors. The hoods are a critical component of this process. If the hood is not cleaned regularly it can lead to an accumulation of grease on the surface which in turn attracts more dirt and debris from the environment. This causes blockage in your venting system leading to foul odor emissions and even fires! Contact us today for all your Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning needs!