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The exhaust system in a restaurant kitchen plays an important role in removing smoke, grease, heat, and odors from the air. Without proper exhaust cleaning, all of these elements can build up on the hood, filters, fans, and ductwork of the system. This build-up not only poses a fire hazard but can also negatively impact the indoor air quality of your restaurant.  Call us today for your FREE estimate!

Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning Pros offers commercial restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning for all commercial and institutional establishments including hospitals, long-term care homes, restaurants, event facilities, areas, and more. Our technicians are fully trained, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind. We are an NFPA #96 certified commercial restaurant kitchen exhaust system cleaning company located in Oakville Ontario and we serve all surrounding areas. We clean and degrease all rooftop containment units as well as replace hinge kits if needed. We provide full kitchen equipment cleaning from floors to grout to all stainless steel. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch service, competitive pricing, and appointments that work with your restaurant’s hours. Give us a call today at (289) 815-2750

*** We are NFPA 96 CERTIFIED Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Company.

*** We provide Health & Safety CERTIFICATE as per NFPA 96 code, before and after
 pictures will be provided after the completion of work.

*** WSIB and Liability Insurance will be provided before the start of work.

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A qualified company will do an inspection, then clean the kitchen and dining room equipment, including walls and ceilings that are close to the cooking area. The process can take up to four hours depending on how dirty the surface is. It’s best for your business to hire a professional company instead of doing it yourself so you don’t leave anything behind or damage sensitive surfaces with chemicals.

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Cleaning your restaurant hood with the right tools and methods.

Restaurant hoods are an integral part of any restaurant and the quality of your kitchen staff’s work. They need to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain a safe environment for your customers and employees. The process can be tedious, so we’re going to show you how with the right tools and methods you can make cleaning the restaurant hood much easier on yourself!

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One of the most important aspects to maintaining a clean and tidy home or commercial property is regular and thorough cleaning. One of the most important aspects to maintaining a clean and tidy home or commercial property is regular and thorough cleaning. Households often get behind on their cleaning duties, so it’s not uncommon for families to need professional Oakville cleaners in order to keep up with daily tasks.
Featuring high-quality equipment and supplies, our team of Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning Pros professionals are experts in the business of eliminating grime, dirt and grease from your ventilation systems.
Whether you need commercial or residential cleaning services for a one-time service or on an ongoing basis, Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning Pros is here to help keep your property looking its best!
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It’s time to get your Restaurant Hood Cleaned

Cleaning your restaurant hood is one of the most important things to maintain your kitchen’s cleanliness. A dirty vent will create a less than desirable environment in which customers have no interest in dining.

Don’t let dirt and grease buildup from all day every day stop you! Our Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning Pros professionals are eager to assist you.

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We did not choose cleaning as our profession. We chose our profession to serve the needs of you, the valued customer!

Only professionals can appreciate how difficult it is to keep up a clean kitchen. It’s a hard job and takes incredible amounts of effort, time, and patience to achieve perfection.

When it comes to cleaning, we know what works! We have the knowledge and expertise to make your kitchen look absolutely perfect! Let our team restore your kitchen back to brand new condition or simply keep it that way. In order for a professional cleaning service to work for you, they have to be knowledgeable about what products work and how to implement them. We are an experienced franchise in the industry that can help you throughout the entire process!

Our team is committed to providing excellent services at affordable pricing.

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Every restaurant has a ventilation system that filters air and removes cooking vapors, grease particles, smoke and odors. The hoods are a critical component of this process. If the hood is not cleaned regularly it can lead to an accumulation of grease on the surface which in turn attracts more dirt and debris from the environment. This causes blockage in your venting system leading to foul odor emissions and even fires! Contact us today for all your Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning needs!

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Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning Pros provides commercial restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning for all types of commercial and institutional enterprises, including hospitals, long-term care institutions, restaurants, event venues, and other similar buildings and locations. You may be certain that our professionals are well-trained, insured, and bonded for your protection. Commercial restaurant kitchen exhaust system cleaning firm in Oakville, Ontario, licensed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA #96). Our crews clean and disinfect all rooftop containment units, and they also repair any hinge kits that may be required. We offer complete kitchen equipment cleaning, including everything from the flooring to the grout to the stainless steel. We take great satisfaction in delivering excellent service at cheap prices, as well as appointments that are convenient for your restaurant’s hours. Give us a call at (289) 815-2750 right now.