Exhaust Hood Cleaning Oakville

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Oakville

If you own a restaurant and have an exhaust hood, it’s important to get the kitchen cleaned by professionals. Ventilation in a commercial kitchen is crucial for health and safety reasons. The grease that accumulates on your kitchen equipment can be spread around your restaurant if not removed properly. This will lead to unsanitary conditions for both employees and customers alike. Make sure you contact Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning today to find out how we can help keep your business running smoothly!

Why is cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan important?

A clean kitchen exhaust fan is a crucial part of any restaurant’s health and safety plan. If the vent becomes blocked with grease, food particles, or other debris then the air which should be flowing out will not escape. The buildup of this material can lead to dangerous buildups of carbon dioxide in your kitchen. 

Additionally, over time these materials could catch on fire which would spell disaster for you and your staff. Regular maintenance will ensure that your ventilation system is always working at its best!

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Every restaurant has a ventilation system that filters air and removes cooking vapors, grease particles, smoke and odors. The hoods are a critical component of this process. If the hood is not cleaned regularly it can lead to an accumulation of grease on the surface which in turn attracts more dirt and debris from the environment. This causes blockage in your venting system leading to foul odor emissions and even fires! Contact us today for all your Oakville Restaurant Hood Cleaning needs!